20 Business Ideas That Require Minimal Investment

If you are serious about entrepreneurship but don’t have the capital to make large investments yet, it is a good idea to tap into resources and other areas you already have.

This article will provide business ideas to make money in your private home, apartment, garage, or basement. You can choose depending on your interests and starting resources.

Ideas for business ideas in a private home

You can easily start your own production in a private home without paying rent or staff salaries. It is possible to do everything yourself on a small scale. This will reduce both your risk and investment.

These are some great home-based business ideas:

Producing superfoods and healthy snacks

Many people are choosing superfoods to improve their health and lifestyles. These superfoods include useful fruits, vegetables, and berries. For example, chia seeds, beans, and spelled quinoa. This food can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

These healthy snacks include fruit chips made from oranges, tangerines, and apples.

The more people drown to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the maker of similar products or services will make more money at home.

What should I do

  • Learn the principles and technology behind cultivation.
  • For making chips, buy seeds and fruits, as well as tools and equipment (boxes or soil, etc.).
  • Consider distribution channels. This is a must before you start any home-based business. Decide whether you want to work as a wholesale buyer or sell bulk products. Are you able to ship the product to an online store, but not the packaging and packaging?

Start investments as low as 500 R depending on your goals and abilities.

This home business can grow into an online or offline store if you have a solid marketing strategy. Because of the low production costs and high margins, this is possible. One kg of fruit costs 100 R. 100g of ready-made fruit chips, 300 R.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“At one point, I noticed that many of my friends started to prefer milk and healthy food over hamburgers and beer bars. They started to think more about what they eat. I made small portions of fruit chips, using oranges, bananas, and grapefruit. The fruit chips were beautifully packaged and given to friends. Four of five people returned and requested more money.

Tatiana, 38 years old, makes a living selling healthy snacks starting at 5,000 R per calendar month.

Make original souvenirs and gifts

Creative people have the option of starting a gift business. You can still make a name for yourself in this niche despite all the competition.

Let’s take the example of a craftsman making spoons and cups with polymer clay decoration: A handmade gift set is created.

What should I do

  • Analyze the market to determine how your products can be different from others.
  • Learn how to work in polymer clay or any other material.
  • Buy raw materials, in our case, polymer clay, tools, and simple spoons to make the base.

Costs can vary depending on how many materials are used.

The master’s resources are limited in this instance. It is possible to sell more goods than you can sleep, even if you don’t get enough sleep. These ideas can only be scaled up by attracting more specialists. This is an additional cost.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“Seasonality is the problem with such work. There are lots of orders on the holiday eve, but there is also a decrease in summer sales. I make sure to keep my inventory up-to-date with finished products so that key dates can be covered. This will allow me to generate revenue for months ahead. If individual orders are placed, it takes a lot of time to coordinate and communicate with clients.

Tatyana, 33 years old, makes 10,000 rubles per month on spoons, mugs, and other items made of polymer clay.

Accessories and furniture for pets

Pets are loved by many people, and some consider them to be family. Products that make it easier to care for your pet are highly sought after. This includes the creation of accessories, carriers and beds, as well as tailoring for cats and dogs.

Although there is a wide selection of pet shops, factory-made clothes may not be suitable for all. They are made according to strict standards and are therefore not recommended for everyone. Therefore, custom tailoring and manufacturing are still highly valued.

It will be easier to start a home-based business. Those who have previous sewing experience. Remember that your animal should feel comfortable enough to run in new clothes.

What should I do

  • Choose a specialization, and get the appropriate training
  • Select fabric, accessories, and furniture materials starting at 5,000 R
  • You can buy a sewing machine starting at 20,000 R and other tools depending on your chosen direction. You might find it in stock, or you can take it with you.
  • Take some examples for your portfolio

You can create your own line of accessories or clothing for pets in the future. Your skill level will determine how much you can make a marginal profit on one product.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I live in a place where the winter temperature is -35 degrees Celsius. I am the one that short-haired dog owners turn to for jackets, outerwear, and overalls. I don’t do the same thing twice, each one .”

Olga, 27, is a seamstress who makes clothes for cats and dogs. Her annual earnings are approximately 30,000 rubles

Growing microgreens

Microgreens can be compared to grains, legumes, and grasses but only in the early stages of growth. The maximum amount of useful substances can be collected from the first two to three green leaves. It is easy to grow such a product, and it is gradually but surely becoming more popular among those who value a healthy lifestyle and quality of life.

You can start a business in your backyard, but it is possible to set up a greenhouse if you don’t have enough space. However, indoor boxes with seedlings and containers on windowsills work well for beginners.

What should I do

  • Analyze the demand and competition. Restaurants, cafes, and retail buyers may find microgreens interesting.
  • Learn from experts, take courses, read books, or watch videos online about growing plants. Microgreens can not all be grown the same way!
  • Purchase seeds, containers, soil, and other equipment starting at 5,000 R

Expanding the area of your garden will make a small household income more lucrative. You will need to create a greenhouse that is suitable for this type of home-based business. These are priced at 8,000 rubles per square meter. m. It will be cheaper if you do it yourself, and have the materials immediately.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“Greens can grow even at home. My advice is to not plant seeds too closely together and to use normal soil. Make sure you watch the video and see which soil is best for your needs. “Don’t repeat my mistakes.”

Ekaterina (35), grows herbs for her family and friends. She plans to make a profit from her hobby in spring.

Breeding worms

The simplicity of this small business from home is what attracts people. It requires very little investment and almost no knowledge. There are many potential buyers: fishermen, pet owners, gardeners, and gardeners all need worms to fertilize their soil.

What should I do

  • Make a wormhole. You can use a wooden or plastic box or a special vermicomposter. Make sure to drill ventilation!
  • Buy special equipment: pitchfork, bucket, scales, etc. If your home doesn’t have the tools you need, it is possible to purchase them.
  • For a particular type of worm, choose high-quality soil
  • Purchase the first batch of worms online or from other owners of the worm house (approximately 1 to 2 R per piece).

You can get 1 cu. You can harvest up to 10,000 worms each year from 1 cu.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“When I started breeding worms, the refrigerator was my only option. It’s a great place to keep your worms if you put it up with the door open. It was handy because the boxes can get wet and I didn’t want plastic to break, so it came in handy. Although I eventually switched to more expensive equipment, I still recommend it as a starting .”

Andrey, 55, makes 5,000 R per month from breeding worms.

Apartment for a home business with low investment

You can do work at home with only your phone, a laptop, and your knowledge. Here are three business ideas you can safely implement at home, with a minimal advertising budget.


This option is available to home-based businesses. It involves the provision of all advice, whether it be financial, legal, or accounting. This is a direction you can choose if you have expertise in that area.

What should I do

  • For such consultations, analyze market competition and the demand. This is a benefit because you can work in any part of the country.
  • Determine the target market and refresh your knowledge to meet the needs of potential clients
  • You can create pages on social media or a website to help customers find you

Advertising is the only direct cost. This has the main advantage. As long as you are working on your own, there is no need to hire additional employees.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

There isn’t a day that goes by when someone I know doesn’t ask me an Instagram question. These consultations were a lot of fun, so I decided to spend some money. There are many more people who want .”

Daria, 31, is a consultant on Instagram blogging and earns 20,000 R per monthly

Interlocutor for one hour

How can you make enough money from home to not have to go anywhere, meet anyone, and buy nothing? The answer is simple: Work on the phone. You can become an “interlocutor in an hour” by signing up for a service that provides support, attention or simply a way to talk. An example of the “interlocutor for an hour” page on a specialized site

What should I do

  • Register on one or several specialized sites that you can easily find by querying, “a friend for an hr”, “an interlocutor f n an hr”,
  • Positive feedback is important. Your average score will make it more likely that new customers contact you.

These services typically cost 500 R an hour.

It is not possible to guarantee a steady load this way. Therefore, it is advisable to add more related services, such as a “sober driver” column.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I provide plumbing and repair services. From my own experience, I found that people are happier when they have a conversation and ask questions. Many people want to talk with others, but not with everyone. Yet, I didn’t expect that someone would order if I added: “a friend for an hr” to the site. They can apply for basic services twice or three times per month, but I don’t even wager on it. “

Oleg, 23, earns 2,000 R per month on the “friend-for-an hour” service

Private lessons

What other business could you open from home? Start author’s training online if you have any experience in any area. A master class can be conducted for 300 R per participant or you can create a training program format that lasts several weeks. To determine the most competitive price, analyze the market. An example of what access to a specialized site with your online lessons might look like

What should I do

  • You should organize the information and consider the submission format. You can automate your learning process by using a variety of platforms. You can, for example, create a profile on a social networking site and post assignments or theories to students.
  • If necessary, record video tutorials. You can do this at home with a simple editing program and a mobile camera.
  • For clients to find you, create promo pages on social media or a website.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I run an online course using the get course platform. I created 10 videos that students can access as they finish their homework. The process is fully automated, so I don’t have to do much but give feedback and control. High advertising costs and competition are the main problems.

Margarita, 30 years old, earns 25,000 R per Month on her online copywriting course

These two options require more training and preparation, but they are still possible in an apartment. These are very common home-based business ideas.

Makeup artist and hair stylist

Before a photo session, holiday, or corporate party, make-up services will be required for girls. A client may apply for make-up services 5-10 times per year. You can do hairstyles and makeup on top of your expertise in makeup. This will increase your average.

It is worthwhile to start a home-based business not just with an idea but also with the right courses. Customers will come back to you more often if you are good at what you do.

What should I do

  • Learn courses starting at 10,000 R Professional stylists continue to learn and improve their skills by following the latest trends.
  • Purchase professional hairstyle and care tools, as well as cosmetics and care products. The average cost of a professional cosmetics, care products, styling, and hairstyle tool can be purchased starting at 20,000 R.
  • Look for models to add to your portfolio. Visual presentation is crucial in this industry. Customers will not be as satisfied with poor-quality photos.

Evening makeup costs can range from 500 R to 1,000 R depending on where you live. Prices can rise if you continually improve your skills and become more experienced. If you start your own salon or work with the premium segment, your business can reach new heights.

What say people who have worked in this field?

“When I started working with clients and took my first courses, I knew I was on the right track. I also constantly review the offers of other makeup artists to see how they raise their prices. I chose to be consistent with quality and affordable prices, which has resulted in regular customers and orders. A photo shoot that requires complex images is my most requested service.

Anna, 28, earns 20,000 R for makeup, hairstyles, and eyebrows

Permanent and tattoo makeup

When we think of mini-businesses at home, tattooing eyebrows, lips, and other areas of the face is more popular. Clients are more likely than ever to visit a salon to get a full-fledged, professional tattoo. They also agree to have permanent makeup done at home.

You will find that you can make corrections within a few months. Then, every year, you must update the work. You can build a loyal customer base over time.

The business is still seasonal. In the summer before the holidays, there will be an increase and in the Summer, there will be a decrease.

What should I do

  • Training complete (from 10,000 R). The average cost is 10,000 R. It can vary depending on the teacher’s level.
  • Purchase the equipment you need: professional tattoo machines, tattoo paints, and packages of tattoo sketches. (from 35,000 R)
  • Buy consumables: disinfectants, painkillers, wipes, sheets, masks, etc. (from 3,000 R)
  • You can purchase a comfy couch or chair to receive clients (from 5,000 Rs)

In Russia, tattooing is not considered a separate activity. Your business will be considered a treatment area, meaning that you will need a license to perform medical activities and issue a medical card for each employee.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I don’t impose my services. Tattoos are more than just putting something on your body. It’s a philosophy to me. If the client is unsure or not mentally prepared, I will offer to wait i>

Victor, aged 35, makes 30,000 R per month from tattoos.

Small business ideas for the basement of an apartment block

You can start a small business at home, or in your utility room. The possibilities for business expansion are endless if you have the chance to rent or buy a basement.

Renting a basement in an apartment building is expensive. It depends on its size, condition, traffic, and distance from the center. The price can start at 5,000 R. The price of renting a basement in an apartment building can vary depending on the size, condition, traffic and distance from the center. In smaller villages, it may be less expensive, while larger cities might charge much more. You will also need to pay for the repair and arrangement of your premises. The greater your chances of success, the more comfortable visitors feel when they visit you.


This can include individual tailoring or correcting/repairing clothes. Both are in high demand. Before you make your final decision, consider the competition in your local area.

What should I do

  • Take sewing classes (from 5,000 R). This item is not recommended if you have the required experience or are not planning to sew on your own.
  • Purchase equipment: Sewing machine, iron, consumables (from just 40,000 R). The cost of any of these items will be greatly reduced.
  • Repairs starting at 20 000 R It all depends on where you are in the room. Some rooms may need some minor work, while others might require more extensive repairs.
  • Only select employees. The average cost of repairing clothes is 500-1,500 R depending on its complexity. A seamstress can handle 6-8 orders per day. However, the loading in the initial stages of the repair will be uneven. The total turnover plus the cost for utilities and taxes will determine the salary.

You can eventually open multiple clothing repair shops, or even your own salon.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

A small point is located next to my fabric store. Half of the work I do myself. The other half is done by a hired worker. Because I can save money on wages, I spend more on development. When there are more orders I will search for another master i>.

Olga, 40 years old, is the owner of a clothing repair shop. Her monthly income is 50,000 R

Section Sport

You can use it for judo or karate and boxing. It is not something that anyone wants to do. Residents can be dissatisfied by the sounds of barbells or other equipment, so it is better if you choose quieter sports. Study room in the basement of a residential building

What should I do

  • Analyze the competition. It is not a good idea to open the same section in two houses.
  • Choose a place. You should have enough space, as each sport requires a different size.
  • Make sure you have the best equipment for your sport. The direction you choose will affect the cost of your equipment. For example, a punching bag costs about 4,000 R and training rings cost around 80,000 R. A monthly subscription costs between 2,000 and 3,000 R for an athlete. It can also include 8-12 lessons.
  • If you don’t plan on providing services yourself, hire a coach.

You can increase the number of halls in various parts of the city over time.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I don’t do this just to make money. This is an opportunity for me to create the entire training process how I see it and not report to anyone. Will I expand? It’s not something I see as a benefit.

Viktor, 45, is a boxing coach

Grocery Store

A small convenience store or supermarket is a good alternative if there are no big supermarkets nearby.

What should I do

  • Locate a room. The location is important. Stores should be in an easily accessible area.
  • Purchase a product. To fill a store with products, you will need to invest between 300,000 and 400,000 R in the initial stage. On average, the margin on goods is around 30%
  • Choose the right staff. Sellers are usually taken by two people with a schedule that is 2/2.

A grocery store that services several high-rise buildings in a residential neighborhood can earn between 20,000 and 30,000 R per day. The net profit is the difference between the cost and the profit. It can be approximately 6,000 to 9,000 R. You will need to subtract the seller’s salary (1,500 – 1,500R), 500 R taxes and 300 R utilities.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“The business is certainly profitable because everyone is hungry. A small store will have products that aren’t available in larger supermarkets. This is what makes it different from a large one. Five types of fresh bread, for example, are delivered daily from five different bakeries. These deliveries are limited in quantity. We have the luxury of choosing interesting, not mass-produced products that they will return for. You must also be careful when selecting personnel. No revisions or cameras will help if someone is not trustworthy.

Berkeley, the 31-year-old grocery store owner, makes a good living

Office or coworking space

A room can be rented, then put in order. You can also sublease the space for offices in part or in its entirety. The main cost of repairs will be the largest. An example of a basement before renovation

What should I do

  • Analyze the market. Ask yourself these questions: In which area is a coworking space or office most in demand? What format is this type of business most in demand in your area?
  • Consider a location that may be of interest to potential clients. Coworking is best done in a location that has a good transport link so customers don’t have to travel far.
  • Repairs are possible starting at 100,000 R. The costs are not exact as you can rent the same room for the same purpose. You should limit your repairs to cosmetic ones.

The location and quality factors will determine the cost per square meter. The price per square meter varies from one city to the next. It starts at 500 R per square. m.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I found a basement measuring 97 square meters. m. Four separate offices measuring 20-25 sq. m. were created after repairs and zoning. m. After repair and zoning, four separate offices of 20-25 sq.m.

Viktor, 45 years old, subleases his basement and earns R22,000 a month

Hookah bar

You can rent the premises for corporate events or daily receptions. A vape shop is another option. A vape shop sells electronic cigarettes as well as consumables.

Both cases show that the location choice will have a direct impact on the profitability and payback periods of the institution. An example of a basement in which you can make a hookah

What should I do

  • Repairs starting at 100,000 R. You can hire a designer to create a unique interior. However, this will add cost.
  • Furniture and interior elements start at 70,000 R The price of furniture and other interior elements can vary depending on its style, size, and format.
  • You can buy hookahs, food and consumables starting at 50,000 R. Many hookahs agree to receive % when they deliver food.

Don’t forget to include taxes and the cost of salaries for employees.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“My friend and i opened a small hookah joint five minutes from the metro. The main problem was that it was hard to find us. We were not located in the main street and there was no separate entrance. This meant that there were very few casual visitors. It is not worth saving money on rent. In the end, it will be more expensive. This was my first experience, and I have learned a lot. Now I’m looking for another place to do it again .”

Maxim, 26, is a former owner of a Hookah Bar.

Ideas to Start a Garage Business

You can put your garage to good use if you are unable to use it for the intended purpose. You may agree that a private company is better than a heap of rubbish.

Tuning and repair of cars

There are many services that you can choose from interior dry cleaning, painting, tinting, alarm installation, tinting, and tinting. These and other services are possible if you have a garage with a pit and an area. Even if you don’t plan on doing the work yourself, it is important to have the required experience and qualifications.

What should I do

  • Buy the equipment and tools you need. The chosen direction will determine the cost and list.
  • Choose the right staff. Certain jobs are not possible alone. Consider the cost of wages in this instance

By expanding your services and opening new locations, you can grow your business.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I purchased the main equipment and consumables for over 85,000 rubles to get me started. To make it easy to work, I renovated my garage. Heating for winter work was another expense.

Dmitry, 32 years old, offers dry cleaning services in his garage. He earns 25,000 per month

Key making workshop

It is important that the garage be located in an area with high traffic. It is relatively inexpensive to make one key (100-250 R), so if you want to really make money, you will need to have a lot of customers. If you don’t have enough customers, it is worth focusing on more niche clips, such as those for garages and gates. These are more expensive and require fewer orders to make the same profit. Key making machines

What should I do

  • Training from machine tool manufacturers starting at 5,000 R You can also work as an apprentice for an experienced key keeper if you are looking to gain experience.
  • You can buy a universal machine or several narrowly targeted machines to make keys (beginning at 50,000 R). The chosen specialization will determine the equipment’s cost and quantity.
  • Other tools such as files, vises, and so forth. (from 8,000 R). You can save money by taking something out of your hands or keeping it in stock.
  • If you aren’t able to do the job yourself, hire staff.

A master can handle 10-15 orders per day. Blanks cost approximately 10% of the revenue. The workshop could earn as much as 50,000 rubles per month.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“When I started working with keys, one of the machines was my favorite. They come in Chinese, German and Russian versions. I was greedy and bought the cheapest, but it died after ten days. I needed to buy new equipment quickly and invest more .”

Mikhail, 55 years old, creates unique keys in his garage

Furniture restoration

This business has the advantage of requiring minimal initial investment and equipment.

What should I do

  • You can take training courses, or even watch videos online about the subject. It is important to be able to work with various materials in different ways. The better you are able to understand the issue, the there will be less chance of errors when fulfilling orders.
  • Purchase the tools you need: a screwdriver and a jigsaw. (from 50,000 R). You can start with the basic set, and then purchase more as you need.
  • Buy consumable equipment: varnishes, paints, brushes, etc. (from 5,000 R).

It is possible to increase profits by performing high-stakes restoration work. This will require practice and experience.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

“I can usually restore one or two items in a single day. It is important that work costs not exceed 30% of furniture’s cost. Otherwise, it is cheaper to buy a new one. Sometimes clients find it difficult to communicate the complexity of their task .”

Dmitry, 32 years old, offers furniture restoration services from his garage. He earns 30,000 R per monthly


You can accept paper and plastic waste. You will need to find a company that can process your collected materials before you can make a decision about the direction. This business is actually a collection and shipping of raw materials to be processed.

What should I do

  • Look for a company that can process the raw materials. Discuss the details of cooperation with her by signing a contract.
  • Make sure you have a garage or staging area. You will need to make sure you have as much space available as possible.
  • Rent, buy or rent a truck to transport harvested materials. There are various options available and there may be additional charges depending on which one you choose. It is worthwhile to cover the costs of fuel and lubricants in any case.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

It is difficult to start a business in Russia. Citizens are not very aware of the importance of sorting out their waste. To collect enough raw materials to make a profit, you must try.”

Anastasia (27 years old) sorts trash and collects plastic

Processing of Styrofoam

This material is easy to work with and very affordable. These products are popular among interior designers, landscapers, and decorators.

You will need a large garage to store the foam plastic if you plan on organizing it yourself. m.

What should I do

  • Analyze your market. What is the relevance of polystyrene use in your area? Identify potential customers.
  • Train. You can do this even by watching the videos.
  • Purchase a machine starting at 115,000 R and any necessary auxiliary tools starting at 10,000 R. It is an estimate of the cost.

You can earn between 250 and 400 R per product. It all depends on how complex the order is.

What are the opinions of people who have worked in this field?

Profile knives are a good tool to cut foam so it doesn’t crumble. Sometimes, I use a hacksaw or a grinder. There are many nuances to this business as with any other. Before you start, take a look at a video online. This is how I learned. “

Oleg is 41 years old and works in plastic processing. He earns 15,000 R per monthly

Tips for selecting the right type of business to start: What are your options?

It is important to use your initial input when choosing the right business. Consider the following:

  • You already have the knowledge and experience.
  • There are many resources available to start a business, including land, outbuildings, and a garage. ).

The greater chance of a business taking off is the lower initial costs of training and rent. It is important to do a preliminary analysis of the market and competitors. This stage should not be skipped. You must rely on facts and not speculation. This does not necessarily mean that the same idea will work in your area.

Remember that commercial activity is not permitted for individuals. Any business must be registered. Select the right form of ownership (LLC or sole proprietorship ), register, and then you can start your entrepreneurial journey.