7 Foods People Shouldn’t Buy in Supermarkets

In the modern world, it is essential to take care of your health and carefully monitor the products that are used for cooking. When visiting a supermarket, you should refuse to purchase goods that can harm the body or force you to waste money.

Greens in plastic packaging

Such packaging is designed to preserve the presentation of the product. However, due to the lack of ventilation between the shoots, moisture accumulates, which contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria and the formation of mold.

It is worth abandoning such a purchase in favor of the usual bundle tied with a thread. It is better to look for greens in the market, where you can not only inspect the goods but also smell or taste them.


Many supermarkets have containers of nuts and dried fruits that are sold by weight. In this case, it is impossible to say exactly the expiration date. But during aging, nuts secrete toxic enzymes, the use of which can significantly worsen well-being.

This product is best taken in a vacuum factory packaging with a specified expiration date. Preferably transparent so that you can evaluate the appearance.


A product that is found in almost every shopping cart and has a lot of drawbacks. Starting from overpriced and ending with the content of dyes, flavors, and carcinogens.

It will be more useful to buy a piece of beef and bake it in the oven. Or cook homemade ham yourself, fortunately, there are many similar recipes on the Internet.

Bottled green tea

The drink contains a huge amount of sugar, dyes, and preservatives, but about 20 times fewer antioxidants than in a mug of freshly brewed green tea. The sweet liquid will not be able to quench your thirst.

It is better to cool the tea yourself and carry it with you in a convenient container. Optionally, you can add lemon, raspberry, or mint.

Ground spices

Often an unscrupulous manufacturer saves on raw materials and dilutes spices with cheap colored additives.

Most spices can be bought in seed or chunk form and ground up on your own using a mortar or grinder. Such spices will be much more aromatic.


The composition of bread products baked at the supermarket is questionable. Many note that pastries do not deteriorate for a long time, and their appearance remains unchanged for weeks.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that during cooking, the manufacturer adds various chemicals designed to extend the shelf life. It is better to buy pastries from a bakery, where special attention is paid to meeting quality standards.

Prepared salads and products

These items save a lot of time. But for their preparation, ingredients with an expiration date coming to an end are used.

Yes, and it is unprofitable to buy ready-made meals. It is cheaper to buy groceries and cook your favorite salad yourself.