A smart swimsuit to help you swim faster!

Professional swimmers’ outfits increasingly resemble superhero jumpsuits rather than bathing suits. Australian manufacturer Speedo recently unveiled a smart swimsuit. The goal of this innovation is simple: to make swimmers move faster.

3D printing for a custom jersey

In a video dated June 15, 2021 (see end of article), Speedo showcased the Fastskin 4.0 swimsuit developed by the AquaLab research and development team. This is actually a concept that the manufacturer should completed by 2040. Let’s not forget in passing that the Fastskin line was created by the brand about twenty years ago. Showing the technologies at work in the production of future swimwear is one of Speedo’s goals. The FastSkin 4.0 is a combination of 3D printingThis technology intervenes after a full scan of the competitor who will be wearing it. It is therefore a fully customized swimsuit, where every muscle is wedded out to the micrometer.

As explained by the specialist media SwimSwam, Speedo has also communicated about the presence of a feature – the Adaptive Smart Lock Seal – whose purpose is to allow easy closing/opening of the jersey. It is a matter of change compression intensity fabric at the wrists, hips and neck. We should also mention the use of a technology called Shark Skin 4.0 Boosters, regarding a design and textures inspired by the skin of sharks. The target ? Facilitate the water flow from the jersey and let better propulsion effect of every gesture of the swimmer.

Speedo swimsuit
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A real concentration of technology

The Dynamic Flow Zones, ie the zones of the jersey that cover the thickest parts of the body, will contain a material that texture of a whale belly. According to Speedo, this is about optimizing the swimmer’s movement in the water. We also mention the presence of a component called Core Reactor. This will be intended to adjust the buoyancy of the suit; as a whole, depending on the athlete’s position in the water. An exoskeleton is also included, so that the movements of the swimmer are optimally supported.

Still on the tech side, Speedo . promises microsensors and AI real-time coaching whose kinetic energy will ensure the operation during the effort. The microsensors in question will measure various properties of the swimmer before jumping into the water. Examples include oxygen saturation and hydration level. These sensors must also: study postures as well as the swimming rhythm to make recommendations through haptic stimulations. The ecological aspect is also present, as it involves manufacturing the substance in a material produced by genetically modified bacteria. The importance here is to get a better reparability of the suit as well as: biodegradability rated at 80%.

According to Speedo, the FastSkin 4.0 jersey would be the shopping time 4%, which seems huge in a sport where a small second can change everything. In addition, the manufacturer is already aiming for several swimming records, but one question remains. Will race organizers allow this combination? Of course nothing is certain.