30 Business Ideas to Make Money on the Internet

It is difficult to find a way of making money without investing. You can make money with your hobbies or skills. This article will discuss the 30 promising business ideas to make money online and offline with any budget.

1. Marketplace sales

Marketplace sales increase the audience without any additional investments in logistics, distribution points or website development. The marketplace handles all operations. Connecting to the system results in an average increase of turnover and overall profit of 2-3 times.

Income starting at 50 thousand rubles per month

Payment starting with the first sale.

2. Sell through your online shop

By creating an online store on the constructor, you can earn. Simply add products and connect payment and delivery and you can begin selling.

Income starting at 100 thousand rubles

Payback — 1-3 Months

3. Opening a fast food restaurant or cafeteria

The shortage of themed cafes (Russian food, vegan fast food, and outlets for students and office workers) is evident. Investments starting at 3 million rubles

Profit up to 200 thousand rubles depending on the area or the number of seats

Payback starting at a year

4. Franchising opportunity for logistics company

Delivery services (PEK/SDEK/Business Lines) require new areas with small warehouses that can load and deliver parcels. It is sufficient to have a secure garage or box.

Profit starting at 30 000 per month

Payback starting at 3 months

5. Connecting to the parcel delivery system

Wildberry, Ozone, and other aggregators require premises measuring 10 meters in area and signage, fitting rooms, design, and internet access. This point will be added in the public directory.

Yield 70 to 120 thousand (depending upon popularity and competition).

Payback Franchise package starting at six months

6. Thrift shops and second-hand

The commission shop is responsible for buying up and selling used valuables, costly clothes and equipment. The goods are purchased on advance payment of 50-100%. To make clothes sellable, you will need to have fitting rooms, steamers, and hangers.

Profitability starts at 70 thousand

Return on Investment 3-6 Months

7. Dropshipping

You can forward purchase requests to the supplier without actually working with the product. The entrepreneur creates an online store, and after receiving the money and the order, he redirects it to the supplier. It is profitable to work with China because of the huge price differences. This applies to shoes, bags, and household appliances as well as underwear. The difference in price after expenses is between 30-50% and the entrepreneur gets it.

Profitability starts at 10 dollars for 1 check (unlimited).

Payback — 1-3 Months

8. Private currency exchange and international money transfer organization

There were again problems with currency transfers and sales, making it necessary to exchange money. You will need cards, such as those issued in Russia or Georgia, to work. Or, relatives with access to funds. The conditional buyer transfers rubles onto the Russian Federation bank card and then receives lari on the Georgia bank card. Intermediaries charge 5-7% The reverse exchange balances the accounts.

Profitability– Starting at 10 000, it reaches 3,000,000 rubles for well-respected money changers.

Payment – Starting with the first transaction.

9. Counselling on nutrition, care, and family relationships

You can work with nutritionists, cosmetologists, and psychologists. Private or couple consultations are available on a one-time basis, or as a package of five to ten sessions.

The session has a profit margin of 500 rubles. However, it takes 3-10 thousand to develop a personal program.

Payment for online work starting with the first client when organizing an office space or reception area – 3-6 Months

10. Ready-to-eat meals delivered according to an individual programme

Individual orders can be made from a small home range for those who don’t like cooking or have limited time. It is possible to create 10-20 dishes for a small office or workshop, and then offer 2-3 more complex options each day. You will be able to enjoy a modest selection, but the quality and stability of your work compensates. You can work with a nutritionist to create a low-calorie diet or vegetarian menu. You can prepare up to 30 meals at home.

Profitability 100-150 rubles for 1 client, starting at 30 thousand per month

Payback within 1-3 Months.

11. Tutoring and preparation for exams or school

Teachers can be of any type. Teachers from primary schools and teachers of subjects from the USE group will be in high demand. You can work remotely or in a rented space.

Profitability between 5-10 thousand per student per month, you can run 5-6 without affecting your main job.

Payment starting the first session.

12. Self-development and business coaching

The trend in self-knowledge is self-knowledge courses. By taking small courses and learning from others, you can become a certified trainer. The second scenario is where your achievements are desired – publications in magazines and a business.

Profitability starts at 10000 per month for 4-6 sessions (one-time training are not recommended). You can lead up to 20 people.

Payment starts at 1 client, even though you may need an office to rent.

13. Preparation for creative and professional competitions

People with a track record of success in any industry (model businesses, professional competitions or grants) are able to offer training for similar events. The type of activity will determine the amount of investment.

Profitability Starts at 10 000 rubles per student (you can lead as many as 10).

Payment starts with the first client.

14. Materials for news feeds, articles for sale

All material is accepted by content stores

  • Descriptions of goods and services
  • reviews, instructions. life hacks;
  • Nominal congratulations, poems
  • Travel impressions.

The article can include author’s photos, but this will increase the cost. You can order news materials directly from the service.

Material costs from 500 rubles, and up to 100 000 with consistent work.

Payment – Starting with the first sale.

15. Remove the background from your illustrations to make money

Dropshippers and online stores need product photos. They don’t usually have the budget to pay for independent photo shoots. You can remove the background to create a new background, and the catalog will be in a consistent style. These orders are available on freelance exchanges.

Profitability starts at 10 000 per month

Payment – Starting with the first order.

16. Illustrations for unique sale

Unique photos can be used to bypass search engine filters on blogs and websites. You can make your image stand out by changing the colors, adding an object or inscription, or mirroring it. You can use a simple graphic editor to make your image unique. You can place orders on freelance exchanges.

Profitability starting at 10 000 per month

Payment – Starting with the first order.

17. Photos and textures of artistic nature for sale

A good camera was essential for any photographer even 10 years ago. The phone allows for many different photos to be taken. Photo stocks are very popular for high-quality photos of food (for articles and reviews) as well as photo textures that can be used in backgrounds and collages.

Profitability up to 5 000 shots You can earn 50-100 000 rubles per year by constant effort.

Equipment Payback starting at 6 months

18. Photos taken in schools and kindergartens

General photos and children’s albums are taken between September and May. On holidays and matinees, you can also get photo, retouching and decorative frames.

Profitability– Up to 20 000 rubles for the 1st group or class.

Equipment Payback – 3-6 Months

19. Creation of prototypes for souvenir products

You can print personal photos on a T-shirt or watch, pillow, watch, magnet, or watch. You can also make anniversary gifts and calendars from a corporate album. Each case requires photo preparation, retouching, creating effect and replacing background. The business can be combined if it has access to a reliable and affordable printing house.

Profitability starting at 2 thousand per project

Payment – Starting with the first order.

20. Sale and compilation of databases and catalogues

Databases with suppliers of specific products and sellers in the Gardener market start at 3000 rubles. This data can be purchased or you can collect it yourself to sell it multiple times. You can find contacts for sellers in China, Yekaterinburg and the wholesale markets of Moscow, Belarus, Yekaterinburg, and collections of franchises.

Profitability — 2-3 thousand rubles per sale

The payback for the paid base is approximately 1-2 months.

21. Adults can take private music or dance lessons

Many people never achieve the dream of being a musician or dancer as children. Even in your later years, you can still learn to play the guitar or tango. It is very popular to stage the first dance for newlyweds. You can teach individual lessons to students or lead a group.

Profitability Starting at 1 000 lessons per month, starting at 10 000 per group per month. You can teach 6-10 classes.

The Return on a Hall Rental is 3-4 Months

22. Order essays, term papers, and diplomas

Some people don’t want to learn, while others are too busy. Writing can be both on broad topics that are relevant to your school and in your specialty. This area can provide steady income. There are whole agencies that offer such services and have a pool of writers.

Profitability starting at 3000 for work.

Payment starting at one sale

23. Doing homework is a great reward

Parents and students need to do homework together. Students in high school with enough money can order these services. When some schoolchildren are in debt, demand rises by May.

Profitability 300-1000 rubles to work. A steady load of 20 000 per month.

Payment – Starting with the first order.

24. Training in sports and health

Even if you don’t have any sporting accomplishments, it is possible to organize health courses with a symbolic payment. These could include regular outings with Scandinavian sticks, gymnastics for pregnant ladies, or bicycle races. It is designed to offer company to people who might not be able to run. Combinable with equipment rental

Profitability starting at 500 rubles per student

Payment – Starting with 1 client

25. Organisation of rafting, hiking

People who love to raft and hike with inexperienced tourists can help organize groups of people for megacities. You will need:

  • Sets of equipment that are suitable for all (groups can include those who don’t have their own equipment).
  • A well-planned route, parking points, and conditions for movement are important.
  • Personnel with good fitness and lifeguard skills;
  • Entertainment program and conditions for cooking
  • Backup options for bad weather (if multi-day walks are being considered)

Weekend ecotours and trips to local attractions are very popular.

Profitability starting at 100 000 per month.

Payback 1 Season.

26. Organisation of professional hunting or fishing trips

Like the previous version equipment and tools will still be required, but the main advantage is guaranteed production. Organizations will need to share secret areas in order to avoid being overtaken.

Profitability 5-10 Thousand for 1 departure

Payback 3-4 Clients

27. Organisation of corporate trainings

Teambuilding is an activity that builds teamwork. A program of games and training is required to allow the group to bond with each other. You can find ideas on the internet. It is important to invest in advertising and to prove the viability to entrepreneurs who order such events.

Profitability 5-10 Thousand Rubles starting at 1 event

Payback 2-3 Orders

28. Guide – From city secrets to textbook museums

In any city, you can find a program which is different from what the textbook says. Most people seek services in major tourist destinations like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. You can also rent or transfer a Segway.

Profitability– Starting at 3000 per group

2nd excursion.

29. Garden and construction equipment and tools can be rented

Some people don’t have a lawn mower or a cultivator to plough the ground in spring. It is possible to rent chainsaws to chop firewood in autumn. Concrete mixers, generators and perforators are required in areas under construction. Metal detectors are in high demand during summer.

Profitability 20-30 Thousand per Month

Payback 1 Year.

30. Sports equipment and sports suits available for rent

Kits that are compatible with the local hobbies, such as kit for rollerblading, skiing or cycling, are necessary for work. Regionally, snowboards and scooters are in high demand.

Profitability between 2-3 thousand and 10-20 per month taking into consideration the season.

One Season Payback