Does home automation save energy?

When it comes to installing a home automation solution, the motivation is about the convenience of the applications, i.e. comfort. However, the issue of energy savings may also arise, as home automation allows to optimize the use of equipment.

Savings between 10 and 40%

Home automation is the whole of different techniques with which the control of the various systems and subsystems home (or business). These techniques, which can be more or less interleaved, relate to electronics, computer science, telecommunications and building physics. Proving that home automation progresses from year to year, Apple has filed a patent in 2020 for some sort of modular unit capable of: automatically configure all objects connected from a house.

Ease of use is the main motivation for people who want to purchase a home automation solution. However, some are interested in the possibility of saving energy. Depending on the different solution providers, it would be possible to achieve savings on invoices, including: between 10 and 40% per year. Nevertheless, it is common to consider that carrying out work for better insulation is more in line with the concept of energy savings, as is the replacement of the heating system. Logically, home automation would come after these measures to optimize energy consumption.

Here are all the functions of a house fully equipped with home automation
Credit: Mark Moz / Flickr

Help is available

As far as home automation is concerned, the French State has provided support. However, this aid only covers heating equipment and shutters, which have been found to actually reduce energy consumption. The programming and control equipment can then be the subject of an application within the framework of the 30% tax credit “energy transition” and the zero-rate eco-loan. Carry out work to reduce your energy dependence can also make it possible to take advantage of the VAT at a reduced rate of 5.5%. Finally, let’s mention that the National Agency for the Improvement of Habitat (ANAH) can pay between 1,600 and 2,000 euros as part of the “Better living in serenity”.