Here is the CyberDog, Xiaomi’s first robot dog

The Chinese company Xiaomi, which is usually talked about for its smartphones, has just presented a robot dog called CyberDog. However, the brand’s first robotic four-legged friend closely resembles Spot, Boston Dynamics’ famous robotic dog.

A real concentration of technology

Currently, the main event at Xiaomi is none other than the release of its new smartphone Mi Mix 4. However, the Chinese company has taken this opportunity to his robot dog CyberDogas explained in a press release dated 10 August 2021. It is the brand’s very first four-legged friend, already recognized in the robotics sector for its vacuum cleaners.

According to Xiaomi, the CyberDog is equipped with Nvidia’s Jetson Xavier NX module. The latter contains 384 CUDA cores, 48 ​​Tensor cores, six Carmel processor cores, and two deep learning cores. You will have understood, this robot dog embed an artificial intelligence. We should also mention the presence of 11 ultrasonic sensors, cameras and other GPS beacons over the entire surface of the machine.

The manufacturer claims that its robotic dog is state-of-the-art. This allows him to follow his owner at all times and avoid obstacles in a natural way. In the event of a race, the robot must reach a speed of 11.5 km/h. To amuse the gallery, he can also perform backflips.

Cyberdog robot dog xiaomi
Credit: Xiaomi

Low price and many interactions

In addition, the CyberDog is self-contained and designed to respond to verbal commands prepared by the owner. This can also be done via voice assistants (or a remote control). Xiaomi indicates that the robot can be used for various original tasks and that the interactions are very numerous. Initially, the CyberDog will be sold for a thousand pieces for a price barely more than 1,500 euros. The first customers will be selected from a panel of fans, robotics enthusiasts and engineers.

This price is much more advantageous than that of Boston Dynamics’ famous Spot robot dog – the resemblance is striking – whose retail price over $70,000. It must be said that the CyberDog is more of a companion robot, while Spot is more suitable for professional use. Users of the latter can indeed teach him complex tasks. Since its launch in June 2020, Spot has participated in police operations, worked as a herder, hired on an oil rig and even participated in the fight against Covid-19.