Here’s Skysphere, an electric and autonomous car that can change size

Recently, the German automaker Audi unveiled a rather impressive concept car. It is a fully electric, autonomous and above all modular roadster. Depending on the desired configuration, it is possible to have the vehicle change in size.

A modular vehicle

As for concept cars, the Japanese manufacturer Nissan hit very hard in January 2021. To communicate its vision of the car of 2050, the company unveiled a future where a person’s emotion can be integrated into an autonomous machine, through a physical connection. In other words, the concept is a car become one with man. In its press release of August 10, 2021, the German Audi was a little more sober. However, his Skysphere concept car is also great. Electric and autonomous driving, this roadster has the special thing about being modular.

The driver who wants to take over the wheel drives the vehicle in sport mode from 4.94 m length. On the other hand, if the latter activates autonomous driving, the chassis and other body elements will move to create a 5.19 m length. According to Audi, this configuration allows passengers to enjoy more comfortable legroom and the entertainment that the car offers. Note that in this configuration the steering wheel and pedals disappear completely.

audi autonomous modular car
Credits: Audi Media Center

Level 4 autonomous driving

In terms of performance, Audi says the Skysphere has a 465 kW (632 hp) rear engine. The maximum torque is 750 Nm, although the vehicle weighs 1,800 kg, 0 to 100 would be achievable in just four seconds. As far as autonomy is concerned, this should extend to area 500 km. On the other hand, the manufacturer did not communicate about the architecture (400 or 800 Volts) nor about the possible possibility of fast charging.

An electric drive provides the steering, with which both the front and rear wheels can be operated. This is about getting correct turning circle despite the extreme length of the vehicle. The most surprising is also a promise from Audi about autonomous driving. In fact this will be the level 4a level never reached to this day, not even by Tesla.

Finally, you should know that the Skysphere certainly won’t be never produced on a large scale nor marketed. It is indeed a concept car that, as is often the case with these types of vehicles, aims to judge the reaction of the public and the media to something new.