How to open an internet store for home goods

Goods for the house – This is a broad category. These products can include textiles, finishing materials, and kids’ products. Anything related to home improvements. We will show you how to avoid getting lost in the sea of options, and how to choose your niche and target market when you open an online store for home goods.

Analyzing the market for household products

The dynamics of sales are positive, I can only say that. The average check for a buyer was 11 000 rubles. Online orders rose by 44% in comparison to last year.

It is interesting to note that online stores convert at 2%. Conversion refers to the proportion of site visitors who take useful actions compared to the total number. If 100 people visit your site, but only two place orders, then the conversion rate will be 2%. These indicators are what identified the researchers.

The top retailers also included 122 Russian online shops for home and repair products. Nearly 80% are registered as LLC, or CJSC. This is not surprising considering that OBI, IKEA, and other trading giants have made it to the top. Simple IP – 20%

This segment earns 85% of its profit from furniture, repair products, and tools. The remaining percentage includes accessories, decor items, textiles, and other accessories. You can then draw conclusions as to which products are more profitable to market. We have done detailed reviews on online furniture stores and products for construction and repair. Let’s now talk about other useful items for every home.

What are household products?

Let’s visit the website of any online home goods retailer and familiarize ourselves with the sections:

  1. All available for repair. You never know what might be of use to someone who has started a renovation.
  2. Everything you need for your interior. This category is the largest: It includes textiles and curtains, vases clocks, clocks, carpets, dishes, fireplace compositions, and so forth.
  3. Everything you need for lighting. Chandeliers, lamps, table lamps, garden lamps. Electrical equipment includes sockets, switches, and cables.
  4. Everything is needed for construction. This category is often found in large retail stores. These include lumber, plaster, drywall, plywood, windows, doors, roofing, facade materials, and many other items.
  5. Everything you need for your garden. You will find everything you need for your garden, including large equipment and seeds, as well as decorative figures and hedges.

Did you get to know each other? Ask yourself this question: Would you be able to pull that volume in Castorama and OBI? You can take any of the categories above and make sales. This is enough for an average entrepreneur. You could also choose to focus on products that are specific for a particular location. You could sell everything you need for the kitchen or the bathroom. You can also sell plumbing, interior details, finishing materials, door locks, and door blocks within this niche.

Expanding deeper

This approach has the advantage that you can not only expand to the sides but also to the depth. Online stores that try to offer everything in one place often have multiple categories. The buyer is often unable to find the product he wants. The standard store assortment does not include a semi-antique chandelier with stained glasses windows. Old watches are not available – although they can be expensive, they are still stunning. Many people aren’t satisfied with the standard of consumer goods. They want something with a unique design that suits their interior. You have to offer as many options as you can within your chosen niche to allow the buyer to choose from models to suit his needs.

The interior is also covered. It is no longer the time to do standard renovations: while the tiles were predominantly white and the wallpaper was floral, and the room was lit with standard three-arm chandeliers (now you can’t find two identical finishes), it is now that the rooms are much more modern. We were able to get a wide range of products for our home, and we began to decorate it according to our personal tastes. Some people prefer classics while others like bright eclecticism and high-tech. Make sure you have the right products in your online shop for each style.

Accessory goods for the home

Although you’ve chosen one niche, it doesn’t hurt to offer universal products which will be useful in every house.

  • Items for the home: Ironing boards, mops, and brooms; garbage containers and hangers.
  • Chemicals for cleaning surfaces: These are household chemicals
  • Small household appliances: irons, hair dryers, and irons;
  • Tools from the “should always have at hand” category include a hammer, nails, a set of screwdrivers, and a drill.
  • Textiles: Blankets and Bedspreads, Curtains and Blinds
  • decor: clocks, vases, flowers, paintings, carpets.

Target audience: Homeowners who purchase household goods

It has been proven that women shop online the most. It is thought that home improvements are the responsibility of the hostess, especially in the case of home goods. The ladies can also weave a nest to support their families. You will find the average man hard-pressed to find a place where he can choose a watch for curtains and curtains for a photograph. It’s simple to purchase a set or calculate how many tiles you will need for your bathroom. This business is highly attracted by a strong floor.

Who buys household goods?

  • Housewives who maintain order and beauty in their homes. They are able to surf the World Wide Web and find unusual gadgets. It is your job to ensure that they find them in the assortment.
  • Newlyweds who love their new apartment and are enjoying a better quality of life. They need everything and more, from a scoop to a broom to a sofa. You should ensure that you have both the standard and unusual items that are necessary for an apartment in the catalog.
  • women who shop for everyday items on the Internet. You can make them regular customers and offer discounts. Otherwise, they will go to their competitors because of the extra ruble. There are many offers available on the Internet. Your task is to find the right client.

If your main target audience is women then you should focus on them and take into consideration gender characteristics. What does this mean?

  1. Do not rely on logic but on your emotions. Men will talk about the benefits and functionality, but women require a different approach. Talk about the emotional aspects of your house, and how it will glow with new colors after you have purchased this beautiful vase or picture.
  2. Women trust stories from others more than their instincts. It’s better to have reviews written by women, as they can touch the heart of fellow tribesmen.
  3. Focus on the brands, not the tools. You don’t have to focus on brands if you give a man two tools – one from a famous brand and one from a newer brand. This is not important for women. If you can show her beautiful images and emotional descriptions, she will be excited about the idea and will spend everything necessary to purchase this product.
  4. Take into account women’s hobbies. Sell art supplies along with household goods – many women are involved in needlework and would not pass up the chance to get a set.

Promoting an online store for goods for home

We design a website

A website that is attractive and has a clear structure is essential for an online store to be effective. What does the house represent? It is associated with warmth, comfort, and love for loved ones. An online store selling home goods should be designed to evoke these associations. You’re certain to find one that suits your needs.

We design the structure of our site

The promotion includes a separate item on the structure of the website. The product catalog should not be confusing and should be easy to understand. It is ideal if the product card can be accessed in a few clicks from the main page. If you are still selling “Everything for the kitchen” products in a niche, then create multiple sections to your catalog.

  • Materials for decoration and repairs
  • windows, doors;
  • chandeliers, lamps;
  • plumbing taps;
  • furniture;
  • Textiles: Tablecloths, curtains, and furniture covers
  • Crockery and kitchen utensils
  • Kitchen appliances;
  • Cleaning chemicals for the home
  • Accessories and decor

Don’t forget blocks and promo products. It is better to have them on the main site so that buyers can see them immediately, or on separate pages. You can also discount the section “Bestsellers”. Describe the terms of delivery and order, and answer any questions users might have.

The site is promoted on the Internet

SEO optimization

Optimizing your site is key to ensuring it ranks at the top of search results. This broad concept includes careful writing meta tags, saturation text with keys, internal linking pages and sections, and links to the site via other resources. Contact an SEO specialist to maintain and optimize your website on an ongoing basis.


Advertising contextual

This is a more effective way to drive traffic to your site. The agency will contact you and they will inspect your site and generate advertising campaigns. They will create ads that appear at the top and bottom of search results.

It will almost be impossible to get ahead for high-frequency queries (“household items”): Just think how many websites use these keywords in their meta tags and texts! This advertising will also be expensive.
Low-frequency queries (e.g., “wholesale housewares in N city”, or “vintage kitchen chandelier”) are more effective.

Advertising on social networks

We’ve already covered how to promote an online store selling home goods on VKontakte, and Facebook. To create an online community or a store page, you will need. Then, make the most of the advertising opportunities. Targeted advertising is not shown to everyone on the social network. It was only shown to a targeted audience. You create a portrait of those who see your advertisement. These could be women between 30-60 years old living in a specific region and having particular interests such as home economics, design, or gardening. It is also a good idea to contact specialized communities. Your advertisement for new home goods will go viral in the housing estate community, housewife communities, and in your own circle. This article will explain why it is important and how to make it work correctly.

Commodity aggregators

Our instructions provide more information about the type of animal. These are large websites such as Yandex Market,, and Ozon that aggregate all offers from both large and small online shops on one platform. They don’t collect the offers themselves, they need assistance. You can become a partner with the aggregator for a set amount and have the right to list your product cards in the catalog. You get huge traffic, new customers, and big profits in return.

Finally, think twice before you make a purchase of any home product. This step is the foundation of all your work. You will need to analyze the demand and ask potential buyers. Find out which products your target audience is most interested in and meet this demand. Promotion is a great idea!