How to open an online store for women’s clothing

The top queries for “women’s clothing online store” are at the top of “Yandex”. Every fifth girl sells clothes on social media, and every second orders thing online. Do you still wonder why the women’s clothing trade is so popular?

This direction is at the top of fashion (sorry for the pun). However, it is worth looking at. We will show you how to start an online women’s clothing shop. Our tips will help you promote your online store if you sell women’s clothes. The article is useful in any case!

How to open an online store for women’s clothing

Form for business

You must decide whether to create an online store or if you will use the dropshipping method to get started. The first scenario will require you to create a business. You’ll need to purchase products from suppliers independently, fill the site with orders, and arrange delivery. In this case, you will become the true owner of the business, with the ownership from IP or LLC and all the consequences. You don’t even need a license to make clothes.

Dropshipping is a simpler option. You act as an intermediary between buyer and seller. You don’t have to order anything: Your task is to connect the buyer and seller. It is sufficient to order a website, fill it with photos and then take the money from the seller. You will get your share of this.

Many people do this. It is easy to create a profile for a girl selling clothes on VKontakte and Instagram. In half the cases, she will dropship. We will discuss the entire business in this article.

The audience

These are girls between 15 and 45, as well as ad infinitum. Let’s break down this huge TA according to age and financial abilities.

  1. Age. Fashion is a complex subject. A girl of any age will not buy a dull, double-breasted suit (unless a fashion blogger has worn it), while an older lady won’t wear jeans and sneakers. If you want to please everyone, create a general store for women’s clothing. Often, entrepreneurs still follow fashion trends and purchase clothes for young people. The age limit is blurred. Ksenia Borodina, a TV trendsetting presenter, is 35 years old. 15-year-old girls copy her style. The only conclusion is to follow the trends and replenish your online store with new products as soon as possible.
  2. Financial opportunities. The wealthy buy designer and branded products, while the less fortunate go to Aliexpress or cheaper mass-market sites. The latter is cheaper, but there will be fewer of them. Although there are fewer first-time purchases, one purchase can make you a millionaire by buying tens of thousands of items. Use the ratio of 20/80 – Let the most expensive items make up the majority.

We choose the right assortment

It all depends on the season that you are open to – there should always be more of these items. If you are buying autumn dresses, skirts and trousers at the beginning of autumn-end of summer, then this is the time to buy them. If you have the capital to buy outerwear, such as jackets, raincoats and coats, then this is a good option. Accessories such as gloves, umbrellas, and hats are also important.

Always have off-season products on sale. These should be the items that are most needed:

  • Home clothes: Dressing gowns, T-shirts, and Trousers; Knitwear
  • underwear, socks, panties;
  • jeans;
  • sportswear;
  • Swimwear is a must for anyone who goes on vacation any time of year.

Take a look at the pricing strategies of well-known brands when deciding on your pricing policy. The maximum markup for the autumn collection is These items are in high demand and are often taken apart like hot cakes. The turn for winter collections is in November. They have the highest markup and fall items are on sale at discounts. It goes on from one season to the next.

Delivery and payment

Your target audience is large, we recommend that you introduce as many payment options as possible: electronic systems, bank cards, cashless payments, and cash payments upon receipt from the courier. The same applies to delivery: Sign contracts with transport agencies, Russian Post, Courier services

The clothing of women is a commodity that can easily be traded across the country. It is lightweight, durable, and doesn’t deteriorate. One thing is certain: well-known stores arrange fittings at clients’ homes: what came out – you can purchase, and the rest is taken by courier. This is a significant competitive advantage. This is why it’s so important to have at least one chance to try on in the city you live in.

It will also have all the required integrations, an adaptive layout, reliable hosting, and protection against viruses or DDOS attacks. You have the option to order a custom design or you can use pre-made templates. There are many options when it comes to designing women’s clothing.

Site design

Women are your target audience so it is better for you to use delicate colors and visual images in the design. Photos of models wearing your clothes are perfectly acceptable. However, there are exceptions. If your main merchandise is for young and bold people, you can use bright and aggressive fonts and colors. It all comes down to your message. What message does your store convey to the world? Learn more about the corporate culture at the company, and then decide on the Big Idea.

Site menu

The main webpage is the homepage of the website. The main page usually contains bestsellers, sales, and promotions. They also advertise items that are urgently needed (winter is coming and they don’t accept it, it’s in the warehouse, and many other reasons). These offers will get more attention, so they will more likely to click the link on the product cards.

Also, make sure you review the items “About Us”, “Payment & Delivery”, “Return Conditions”, “Rules for the online store”, and “Company News” . Mark the table of sizes for different countries in a separate item. This information will always be up-to-date. The basket is located in the upper left corner. You should make the shopping cart button large and bright.

We recommend that you start a store blog. Many people will visit your site and can bring you traffic simply because you have useful articles. Learn more about how to promote your blog.

Structure and catalog

We have already written the ideal structure for an online store. Pay attention to the categories and subcategories. There should only be three. For example, women’s clothing/homeware/tops. Or dresses/summer models/brand name. The buyer will not be confused.

You can also set filters to make it easier to search: price, material, color, and size.

Product cards

It’s not enough to just take and write: dresses, sizes 40-54, colors black, red, and white. A product description should not be a list of features. It should trigger emotions, and the desire to purchase it. This is a problem for many women’s clothing sellers. However, you can stand apart from them!

Pay particular attention to photos: Women, as you probably know, love their eyes. Invite models to show you clothes and take photos of the details. Video This is a modern option. Take at least one photo and place them on the main page.


How to market an online store selling women’s clothing

There are many effective ways to use

1. Contextual advertising. Contextual advertising. If you wish to advertise on Yandex, please read the Yandex instructions. Direct if in Google – Google Adwords Guide. This is a good option, as your site may not appear on the first or third pages of search results. There are many competitors in the market, and promoted ones will take the top spots. If you have the basic knowledge required, you can set up the context yourself or get assistance from an advertising agency. A clear plus is that you pay only for the clicks to the site.

2. Advertisement banners. Clickable ads that take the user to your main page or another site. Banners can be placed on female-friendly sites or forums that have high traffic (e.g., in online jewel stores, a children’s goods store, or other sites with which your audience interacts). These banners can be ordered through advertising agencies or private specialists.

3. Social networks are a great place to advertise. Nearly every girl is on social media. Fashion-loving girls are often subscribed to thematic groups. Here you can post advertising messages with a link back to your online shop. Particularly useful are records that include information on sales, discounts, arrivals of fashion collections, sweepstakes, and other pertinent information.

4. Advertising with fashion bloggers. How many girls begin their day looking at Instagram accounts from celebrities? Fashion companies buy advertising and trade new clothes. Bloggers can also promote your online shop with the same success. You will find a link to contact information in their profile. This allows you to order advertising. It can be expensive but the results are worth it.

5. Maintaining a fashion blog. Your blog should be managed by a professional journalist or author. You can find endless topics to write about: fashion trends, outfit photos, tips for combining clothes etc. These articles can be and should be replicated on social media – if they’re original and useful they will be shared and your reach will grow.

6. Advertising in product-aggregators. We’re repeating: there is a lot of competition in this niche. Other competitors can “clog” your store by using aggressive advertising. If you don’t have the budget to compete with them then consider joining the “big brother”, a well-known product aggregator. To place product cards on the marketplace website, you will need to pay a fee. Clicking on the product cards will take visitors to your website and allow them to place orders.

How to not burn out in the first months?

We forgot to mention the title and promised to share the secret. We are happy to offer advice about promotion.

  • Follow the fashion. You should keep an eye out for new items and make purchases. Fashion was previously followed by pictures in glossy magazines and fashion shows. Now it is much easier to follow fashion on Instagram, where you can find top bloggers and glamorous divas. This is definitely the hottest fashion trend!
  • Don’t deceive the buyer. Many times I have been faced with the challenge of selling items from China at a markup of 300 percent. It was simple. I saw something in the shop that I had seen on Aliexpress. I tried to shame the seller by telling them to lie or to keep me out of their way. Buyers are not fools, and they don’t want to pay too much. Many people visit Chinese websites as though they are going to work, and don’t know the new products available.
  • Give feedback promptly. Another example: I purchased winter boots online from VKontakte. I reached out to a girl (mostly a dropshipper), placed an order, and waited for payment. The payment was supposed to be made upon receipt. It has been over a month since I heard anything from her. They said that they had not arrived and they would not wait for me to ask where my boots were. They said, “Why didn’t you warn me?” To my anger, I was told: I had to read that wall. All the information is there. It’s not easy to read a wall that has several dozen posts per day. I didn’t like such a “service”.

You are invited to share your tips and tricks on running an online store selling women’s clothing. Promotion is a great idea!