It is now possible to transport jurors to a crime scene thanks to VR

Virtual reality (VR) continues to expand its reach. In Australia, researchers conducted a study that showed that this technology could really come in handy in courtrooms. It would allow jurors to better understand certain details of cases.

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If virtual reality is very much about video games, it applies to many other areas as well. Examples include health, industry, security, cinema or even agriculture using VR headsets to appease dairy cows in Russia. In a press release published on July 26, 2021, the University of South Australia (Australia) calls for another new use within the courtrooms in courthouses.

I have to say that pretending a crime or an accident from documents is not easy and that is all the more true when one’s life is at stake. acute knowledge of space. However, unless you have direct access to where the event occurred, the margin of error is significant.

Australian researchers therefore teamed up with lawyers, police and forensic scientists to develop a virtual reality solution. The target? Ensure more consistency in terms of fact recall, spatial precision and thus judgment. Specifically, VR enables judges to: immerse yourself in a crime scenein the middle of the courtroom.

virtual reality justice
Credits: University of South Australia

Virtual reality, a solution for the future

Scientists say they have reconstructed the events using a laser scanner to come up with their solution. Their experiment involved two groups of judges, the first with VR headsets and the second with photos of the scene. According to the results, virtual reality requires much less effort than using photographs to reconstruct the sequence of events. In the case of a car accident, jurors wearing a VR headset were more likely to correctly remember the vehicle’s location at the time of the accident than the victim.

dr. Carolin Reichherzer, lead author of the work, recalled that site visits remained the standard of excellence for jurors from a realistic impression. However, they also have drawbacks. These outings are often expensive and sometimes the site in question has changed appearance, making it difficult to understand the details of the deal. For example, the researchers are convinced that VR a solution for the future in courtrooms.