How a beginner seller can market a product on the marketplaces for free and make money

It is more than just putting products on the display to promote your products. An aspiring entrepreneur will not be able to make a lot of money on his own. Active use of electronic trading platforms is essential for the development of a business plan. This is how newbies can get first views, gain customers’ attention and receive positive feedback.

Today’s article will discuss free marketing strategies on marketplaces. Learn how to make a profit selling a product on marketplaces.

Trading platforms algorithms: Features

An experienced seller can be a competitor for a businessman who joins an electronic trading platform. The system algorithms cannot use statistics to determine how to market the product, and which visitors should be promoting it.

However, they are not in a hurry to give way to market leaders. They sell their products on marketplaces. The systems of many trading platforms try to balance the roles of experienced and novice sellers. They push new products to get visitors’ attention.

Wildberries is one example. The platform ranks product cards based on a specific scheme within the first few days of registration. This maximizes impressions. The system then collects information about the new account, and displays the goods on a broad basis.

The entrepreneur makes a name for himself on the market, gains views, gets the first buyers, and receives positive reviews. This is enough to make it a success in further work. However, competent promotion is required.

Ozon promotes newcomers through a special program, along with Wildberries. It uses a unique algorithm to sort new offers. It does not limit the number of hits, but it raises search results positions. To make it easier for potential clients to find the product they need faster with a new account.

Designed merchandise cards

Advertising campaigns and other paid promotions won’t produce the desired results if product cards don’t conform to these requirements. Because marketplaces have specific requirements for their design.

E-commerce platforms allow you to combine commercial offers. The systems promote product cards that conform to established rules. This is because different venues may have their own rules. However, there are some general rules that all sellers must follow:

  • Proper product name. Each marketplace has its own rules for product names on cards. These nuances should always be clarified on the website.
  • Photograph of the heading. Each card should have a high-quality photograph. It is better to have several cards (3-5) from different angles. So the consumer can examine the product in detail.
  • Detailed product description. Provide as much information as possible to potential clients. Highlight the benefits of the product and highlight its quality characteristics. Size, color, material, origin country, and other parameters.
  • Detail filling. It is not a good idea to leave product cards unfilled. Don’t forget about the “optional” fields. Marketplace systems push empty cards to the bottom of search results.

The correct compilation of product cards can help you promote your product without the need for financial injections, even if the product isn’t yet available on the market. This is something you should not overlook when trading on an electronic platform.

Organization of discount and promotional programs

Promoting discounts and other promotional offers are not always free ways to attract potential buyers. Entrepreneurs are responsible for covering the difference between real value and share price or at a discount. He does not make a certain amount of money as a result.

However, participation in discount programs or promotions can result in a reduction of your losses if you do a proper calculation. To avoid working in the red, sellers must pre-deposit taxes, commissions, and a certain amount to discount and promote the product.

Electronic trading platforms offer entrepreneurs the chance to participate in promotional and discount programs.

  1. Take part in seasonal sales or special promotions on the platform. Some events “rattle” on the marketplaces. This is a great opportunity to show potential customers your commercial offers.
  2. Exclusive promotional codes can be used for each product. Buyers can promote commodity products by submitting a well-written offer.
  3. Use an efficient “chain” scheme. This scheme allows clients to get a discount or bonus on the purchase of particular products. This scheme is not available on all electronic trading platforms. If the site’s rules allow it, entrepreneurs will be able attract consumers easily and make financial investments.

Marketplaces set the conditions for discount or promotional programs. The rules can change over time. You should therefore be vigilant about the changes that trading platforms make to their products.

Reduce the number of returns

Customers who are dissatisfied with the purchased product return it to the seller. This will lower his rating and lead to a lower reputation. In turn, this will increase the costs of marketing the product. There are three main reasons that a customer returns a product:

  • Marriage is a reason to change your supplier.
  • Shade/size/model mismatch.

You can reduce the returns by taking a few quick and effective steps:

  1. Include high-quality photographs to complement product cards. To allow potential customers to carefully examine the item. This will make it more likely that he is satisfied with the item once he receives it.
  2. Post video reviews of the product being shown if possible. This will increase customer confidence and also the seller.
  3. As detailed as possible, post product descriptions. All product parameters and characteristics should be specified. The buyer does not need to know any minor details. The buyer needs to know the details – size, weight, color, and manufacturer. Do not use long descriptions such as “amazing”, “beautiful”, or “amazing”
  4. Respond to all comments. Don’t leave any question unanswered. Even negative reviews need attention. Customers will conclude that the seller doesn’t care about their opinions.
  5. Do not hesitate to publish the size tables if you are selling clothes and shoes.


Statistics show that 9 out 10 buyers make purchases based on user ratings and reviews. Market visitors are alerted if there are empty comment blocks on cards. If the card has no comment blocks, it may not be worth the cost.

Negative reviews work even worse. A collapse in sales can be caused by even one unhappy user. It will be very difficult to restore the previous positions. Even more so if you don’t engage with unhappy customers in the comments.

A trade card issued on an electronic trading platform will have a significant impact on how many and what quality of comments are received. This does not mean that sellers should promote using dubious methods. Marketplaces view cheating as a serious offense.

Cheated comments will not be included in the rating. The rating could be seriously damaged. It is important to use legal methods to increase the appeal of your commercial offers.

However, not all are free. One example is the Ozon marketplace. This tool allows you to receive feedback and earn points. Customers can leave comments and get points in return. In return, the seller pays a fixed amount to the system.

An entrepreneur doesn’t need to invest in financial products. He can just pay attention to customers as much as possible. Respond quickly to comments, consider comments, and process any negative comments. Be open to meeting the needs of the customer.

Negative reviews are a common sin of competitors. You can contact technical support if you have doubts about the authenticity of any comment. Negative reviews will be removed after verification (if there are any suspicions).

Customers can use the “Review Points” tool to encourage them to leave comments

Promotion methods for Wildberries that work

Let’s now talk about how to promote on the most well-known trading platforms. Let’s start with Wildberries. You must be to promote this platform.

  • In accordance with the indexing requirements, write the product name on the card. The correct name must not include repeated words or synonyms.
  • Completely fill out the cards. Give customers as much information about the product as possible.
  • Add items to recommend. Automatically, the category “Recommended with that product” is created. The seller can also add any goods to the list that may be of particular interest to them. This can be done via the Downloads menu.
  • You can use a variety materials. You can post images, videos and panoramic photos on the WB platform.

Wildberries can be supplemented with video materials

  • Use comments to gather feedback. The buyer’s confidence in the seller will grow if he can easily get an answer to any question about the product. Stable communication is key to trading on the market.
  • You can get in on the customers’ favorites. Visitors to the trading platform leave cherished hearts. These hearts are more valuable than any other. This is a difficult task for novice sellers. Their number will rise as a result of the business project. The seller must prove himself positive, however.

Buyers can add a seller to their favorites and give them hearts

This electronic trading platform offers the best way to attract potential buyers and promote the product. Even novice entrepreneurs can use the market opportunities to their advantage. It is important to approach the work organization in a thorough manner and to actively sell.

Promotional methods for Ozon that work.

Each market on the Ozon platform has its own unique characteristics. To promote a product free of charge on this trading platform, use the following techniques:

  • Make special product cards. You can combine different models of fitness dumbbells or multi-colored socks/t-shirts into one card. This allows the buyer to instantly see all options. It will make it easier for him to select a product that suits his preferences.
  • You can post many visuals. The trading platform visitors like to see the product from many angles and to study its features using high-quality photos. You can take several photos of each product to show all its advantages.

A background that is different allows you to consider the color of the product and to visualize how it would look in a particular environment.

  • Assemble suitable headings. It is a smart idea to sell a smartphone with a headset and protective case. It is possible to use a baby bottle as a bag to carry it in. Customers often purchase multiple products simultaneously, which can complement each other. The entrepreneur’s main task is to determine the compatibility of these products in order to create the desired kits.
  • You can create your own virtual storefront. Although it may not be there initially, the design is easy to use even for novice sellers. You can show customers a new product, tell them about promotional discounts, or offer top commodity products. The showcase can be modified by the Ozon seller. This allows you to unleash your creativity and grab the attention of buyers.
  • Don’t forget rich content. Your main job is to give as much information as possible about the product to make the customer more likely to complete the checkout. Use different formats of materials and involve the user in examining the benefits of the product.
  • You can create your own discount or promotional program. The electronic trading platform is positive about sellers taking such measures. The marketplace offers a wide range of tools that enable entrepreneurs to sell goods at a lower price and make gifts to customers to help them save money on buying a product.
  • Keep in touch with your customers. Don’t leave any comments unanswered. Respond to any feedback, especially negative. Quality communication is important because 90% of potential customers are interested in purchasing a product.

By responding to user comments, the seller increases his confidence in the product and himself.

  • Participate in the once-a-week specialized marketplace sales. Customers have the chance to buy commodity items (which can be sold) at a lower price, such as 20%, each day that the card is active.

Sales are increasing as a result. They are also sold in a greater volume, which is notable, and not just goods from the participant list. Customers who receive a discount on a product are more likely to browse other commercial offers from the seller and choose something else.

The Ozon trading platform’s toolkit allows you to work very efficiently without making financial investments. This site offers a wide range of opportunities to produce work. Anyone can start a business and make money with it.


Let’s sum up today’s article and remember the many benefits of free promotion in marketplaces. Both beginners and experts can benefit from electronic trading platforms. The best part is that the results are visible almost immediately after the business project has been launched.

Use all available options when you are moving around the market. Remember that water doesn’t flow under a stone. You must work hard to sell your products and make a profit. If you approach the store’s organization in an unprofessional manner, even paid advertising campaigns will be useless.

For certain goods, promotional methods that are appropriate will also work. One seller should focus on promotional and discount programs. For another, it is best to get the first reviews. The third, however, is required to rectify the product card status.

Ecommerce is an area where the success of a sale depends on many factors. Niche characteristics, features of the product, cost policy, preferences of the target audience, and many other factors.