The Boring Company wants to build tunnels that are twice as wide!

Several months ago, Elon Musk’s company completed its tunnels under the city of Las Vegas. However, their exploitation is not really a success. From now on, The Boring Company wants to switch to the transport of goods with wider tunnels, suitable for the transit of containers.

A bitter failure

For several years, The Boring Company underground tunnel projects, underground tracks in which vehicles move very quickly and in one go between their point of departure and arrival. After the construction of two tunnels under Las Vegas was completed, the company began work on the Convention Center Loop, which hosted the famous Consumer Electronics Show (CES) annually. On paper it was a extension of 16 km of the first two tunnels.

Only then are there today four sections of only 600 m. In addition, the movement of vehicles inside is incredibly slow and the smallness of the shuttle cars makes the most teasing internet users smile. The project has indeed been generating for several months a lot of ridicule on the networks social, because it has not kept many of its promises.

As explained Bloomberg in an article dated June 18, 2021, The Boring Company definitely wants to recover from this failure. It is a matter of investing in the field of transportation. Elon Musk is now trying to sell tunnels that allow the transit of containers to businesses and communities.

new promises

For example, The Boring Company tries to renew its new projects. Indeed, this time it is a matter of tunnel with a diameter of 6.4 m – compared to 3.6 m for the current Loop. According to Elon Musk, this width would allow two containers to pass side by side with a central space of only 30 cm. The displacement of these masses would then take place at a autonomous electric platform.

nouveau tunnel boring company
Credit: The Boring Company/Bloomberg

This conversion seems like a good idea, as it is interesting to transport goods underground without being dependent on road traffic. Nevertheless, the difficulty for The Boring Company lies mainly in its ability to find situations where the construction costs of such a tunnel can be written off thanks to the benefits of its operation compared to conventional roads.

It must be said that Elon Musk’s company has a strong argument, which also allowed it to win the tender of the Las Vegas Convention Center. In fact, this company offers lower costs compared to companies specializing in conventional tunnels. Nevertheless, with the increase in the diameter of the tunnels, the price should increase. After all, there is a much larger amount of debris to be removed.