What benefits would companies gain from adopting AI?

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been making steady strides in terms of progress. Today, all companies can take advantage of this technology, in many sectors of activity.

Many possibilities

L’IA already working on democratization when it comes to voice assistants, chatbots, machine translation, facial (and image) recognition, autonomous vehicles and banking. Other areas can benefit, such as predictive maintenance, agriculture, commercial prospecting optimization or even medical assistance with diagnosis. Let it be said, there is strong bonds between artificial intelligence and business benefits.

Today, companies can strengthening the capabilities of their employees. How ? By relieving them of repetitive tasks, often with a low added value. It could also be about improving their business model by combining artificial intelligence data and human expertise. In commerce, algorithms undeniably serve the sales force. They have the ability to target the right prospects and know which customers to take care of.

AI artificial intelligence
Credits: metamorworks/iStock

Some great examples

Artificial intelligence could also be used for some transport or taxi companies, in the field of safety. For example, the algorithm developed by Nauto detects external dangers, but especially the driver’s behavior and, in particular, distraction at the wheel (eg fatigue). The aim is to identify a potential risk and quickly warn the driver through notifications. With live analysis it becomes a matter of rreduce driver reaction time in imminent danger.

Sometimes we find AI in rather surprising sectors. For example, we called this artificial intelligence and created and marketed many t-shirts inspired by the New York lifestyle. AI controls almost everything from design to marketing to brand logo. Another example is the Swedish distillery Mackmyra. This brought on the market the very first whiskey produced by an AI. The last one generated no less than 70 million turnover before choosing one of the most interesting based on numerous criteria.