33 Home Businesses Ideas: What Business to Start at Home in 2022

A lot of people require an extra revenue source, however, it is important to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your main job and doesn’t necessitate the creation of particular conditions. Here, we’ve put together 33 business ideas you can set up from home and with minimal expense.

This type of business is possible to start as a self-employed businessperson without having to register an LLC or an individual that has a tax rate of 4.4%. Every business idea is separated in three areas: catering, production, and personal services.

Needlework and production

If you’re able to make something by hand, we suggest you think about the possibility of starting a business from home that requires equipment, tools, and other materials. It’s difficult to begin such activities from scratch since the required skills have to be learned in advance.

Customizing curtains to fit your needs

Curtains are an essential component of any interior. they do not just shield your room from the bright sun and squinting eyes and create a relaxing environment. The variety of materials and ornamental elements allow you to design unique choices.

To sew curtains, you’ll require the following: a sewing machine, an overlocker ironing board, steam iron (not necessarily brand new ones). Find suppliers of fabric and other equipment in advance and often, you will be able to get the required catalogs and samples from them.

The initial investment starts at 20000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.

Wool yarn production

To arrange the business, you will need to create a separate space for it. If you live in your home then it’s better to relocate it to an entirely separate space. For the equipment, you’ll require a carding machine and a spinning wheel. You may also need one that is electric, as well as a winding machine. Additionally, you’ll need consumables like silk or cotton bases as well as goat wool, sheep wool or rabbit down. In order to make colored yarn, you’ll also require dyes and containers.

In average, the process of processing 1kg of raw materials could generate an income of 1000 rubles. The payback time is dependent on the amount of time you dedicate to this type of work.

Initial investment: 70 000 rubles. Time to payback: 3 months.

Making paper bags

Paper packaging is popular, and is being used by companies that manufacture quick food items, sweets, bakery products, alcoholic beverages, and other beverages. It is dependent on the production method you select making blanks from scratch or complete production.

In the first instance, it’s quite feasible to squeeze it into a tiny apartment. It is necessary to plan the manufacturing of the bottom using sealing, the assembly of the top and sides along the longitudinal lines, placing the seal on the handles and then putting in the handles of rope.

If you are planning to begin an entire production process it is also necessary to have cutting devices, bending equipment long tables, and racks. In addition to the consumables, you’ll need ropes, rolls of paper threads, glues, adhesive tape, printing devices, etc. logos.

Repair and tailor to your specifications

This kind of activity has not lost its appeal in the eyes of clients, despite the abundance of ready-made clothes in different styles and sizes. There are those who desire unique clothes or suits. Additionally, clothing will have to be fixed or altered to fit to the individual, which is why there is a need for a seamstress who is private in both small and large cities.

However, only an experienced individual must be employed in this field, as it’s quite easy to degrade the name of the person who is the expert while in the same time, ruining something else’s fabric or object. For the equipment, it’s typical: a professional-grade sewing machine, overlocker mannequin, ironing board steamer, iron. To earn more money it is possible to purchase samples of fabric and other accessories for your customers.

The initial investment starts at 100,000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 3 months.

Tailoring of overalls

Another area of sewing is the creation of overalls. As compared to tailoring, it requires less seamstress education. The orders could come from hotels, industrial companies catering facilities, private medical facilities and other locations where employees wear uniforms. The majority of them will order a vast quantity of items, therefore it is recommended to be involved in this type of business and with an assist. In this scenario, it is recommended to have a separate space to tailor the products.

An equipment set is required for sewing. It includes sewn-in machines, overlockers steamers, irons tables and ironing board professional scissors and models. Because huge orders for workwear require more expense than custom tailoring it is important to locate customers ahead of time.

Initial investment starting from 100,000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 2 months.

Beds and clothes for pets

The market for the care and maintenance of pets is growing each year. In the past it was commonplace to walk with a dog or cat dressed in a special outfit sparked more interest. Today, you won’t surprise anyone by this but a few people limit their choices to a single outfit to wear for their pets. In the home, pet owners attempt to ensure the best possible environment for their pets.

Making beds and sewing clothing available for purchase or order is a great alternative for seamstresses who have no experience. However, you must first research the details of such items, and luckily there’s plenty of details about them available on the Internet.

The initial investment starts at 20.000 rubles. Payback time: 2 months.

Scratching posts and pet homes

If you’re skilled using tools, you can make scratching posts, animal houses or even scratching structures. Basic designs are able to be created at home, however with high-intensity activity, it’s best to move this activity to a garage or barn.

Plans for building scratching posts and homes are easily found on the Internet and also videos of the procedure itself. The tools you’ll require are a construction stapler and a jigsaw, scissors and cutters. Materials: cardboard, plywood carpet or any other dense fabrics, sisal or natural twine.

Initial investment starts from 50 000 rubles. The payback period is from 2 months.

The production of phyto-pillows and rolling

Pillows that are stuffed with herbs Juniper wood, buckwheat husks and other herbs are well-liked. In recent times, “magic” rollers have been added to the pillows, to help to improve the back and the appearance of the body. The popular gymnastics of Japanese practitioner Toshiki Fukutsuji can be performed using these rollers, though they can be substituted by a normal towel.

Phyto pillows come in a variety of dimensions. They are small and filled of aromatic plants, they are utilized to make sachets. There are pillows that are big enough to sleep on, pillows for the chair, and on the back to work on computers, or for specific sofa and interior “thoughts”.

The range here is amazing and anyone who is creative is not just able to show off his style and earn money, but also make money. Schoolchildren too can make pillows using an old-fashioned sewing machine. The key is the smooth, strong seams that will hold the empty filler.

Tailoring of eco-bags

Eco bags are bags for shopping. They are made out of natural fabric, mostly linen or cotton, occasionally an eco-friendly fabric is utilized. Bags are simple in appearance, typically rectangular with handles and without zippers or pockets. Eco bags are made to replace plastic bags. They are popular among younger people and those who care about the environmental condition.

Since these items appear plain, fabrics are frequently employed to decorate these bags. Fun or original drawings and letters can significantly improve the sales of bags.

It is possible to begin sewing eco-bags by using the skills acquired in labor classes particularly if you are using the product blanks. Sewing master classes and samples are readily available. It is true that it should be borne in mind that this fashion isn’t new, therefore the manufacturing competition is important.

You’ll require a standard set of sewing tools: A sewing machine, an overlocker steam iron, and presses for the accessories. Materials: Fabric cords, ropes or cords for the handle, Velcro as well as other items.

Initial investment: starting from 25000 rubles. Payback time: 2 months.

The creation of flower terrariums

Florariums are collections of soil, plants, figurines, and stones all in one glass which is a miniature garden. In Russia, fashion isn’t new, but has already gained popularity. Florariums are a substitute for regular flower bouquets, or as decorative items for the interior.

The biggest challenge in the making of a florarium is the glass container that has a unique shape. If you make it yourself, you’ll require not only the right tools as well as the knowledge of cutting glass by hand, treatment with acids, soldering it using tin, and so on. You won’t be able to organize such activity in every house.

You can not concentrate on the intricate design instead, but rather on its substance and the basic combination of plants and soil. For this, obviously you’ll need an imaginative streak, however the cost of launching is lower.

Initial investment: starting from 10,000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.

Brooms to knit for bath time

Making brooms to bathe in is a relatively easy and lucrative business However, to produce it, you require a residence or a separate , non-residential space. The process of knitting brooms requires a small amount of space, however, a huge space is required to store the finished product and blanks.

The most sought-after Brooms are those made of oak and birch however there are people who are aficionados of fir, maple, the linden, eucalyptus and the juniper the brooms. The quality of the raw materials is crucial so it is essential to establish a company in the regions in which these raw materials are accessible. Furthermore, the industry is seasonal. Sales drop substantially in spring and summer and then increase during winter.

The cost of the brooms is very small Therefore, it is best to get wholesale buyers before you need them. In addition, you can make small brooms with fragrant and medicinal herbs to steam rooms.

Initial investment Starting at 5 000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 1 month.

Customized blankets can be made

Specially designed gifts for a person’s needs are considered more special than the standard gifts. One option to purchase such presents is personalized blankets or blankets.

You can place your name on a completed blanket or plaid by the printing process or by using automatic embroidery. Another option is printing images or other images that hold significance to the person receiving.

In general, you can manage everything to ensure that you don’t have to handle anything by yourself. The key is to create an order as well as the required details, and then place an order for embroidery or printing from different masters. The price of your gift because of the packaging.

Initial investment: starting at 5 000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 1 month.

Creation of toys featuring authors

Toys are not just played by children however, they are also enjoyed by adults as well. There is no one who is shocked by the assortment of author’s dolls soft toys, soft toys, models of airplanes and automobiles. However, to begin this business, you must be able to demonstrate the necessary skills. This is not a craft anymore rather, it’s something done by a specific master who can’t always operate smoothly and precisely.

The majority of designer toys are produced to order, and in only one version, as the manufacturing process begins with a fresh start every time. It can take a few weeks to produce a single toy, and it’s difficult to predict what time the investment will be repaid. In the same way the materials used for making is usually cheap and simple such as clay, wood or the remnants of fur and even fabric. If you can find clients who are willing to line up for hours, then you’re guaranteed an impressive profit from every product.

Jewelry of the author

Costume jewelry that is original and unique has been successful in substituting traditional jewelry. Instead of just one set of earrings made from gold you can get many pairs of natural materials but with innovative solutions.

Jewelry of the author is made of genuine leather, wood brass, food-grade aluminum bronze medical steel, crystals ceramics, stones glass, textiles, and other materials. There are numerous designs and styles: boho, minimalism, avant-garde vintage, grunge punk modern oriental, marine surrealism pop art gothic, pop art. Talismans and symbols are popular like runes, feng-shui and paganism, among others.

Animal breeding

The business has been in existence for quite a while, however, not everybody can be successful in it. In this case, you’ll need more than passion for animals and respect for breeding standards for various breeds, special food and preparations, as well as participation in competitions and shows.

In the house it is possible to breed small animals like cats and dogs, hamsters, fish, guinea pigs certain reptiles, snails, birds, insects. The amount of expenses as well as the profits vary greatly based on the breed of animal, as well as the needs for maintenance and other aspects. Also, do not expect a rapid return, as there are natural terms used for adult reproduction as well as the development of infants. In general, an enterprise is born out of an interest.

Epoxy resin products

Epoxy resin can be described as a particular polymer that is quick to cure and can be used as an adhesive or for impregnation. Industrial resin is utilized in the construction industry and is harmful. However, there is an environmentally friendly, so-called jewelry or decorative resin that allows you to create numerous intriguing products.

Tables, paintings, interior items, jewelry, souvenirs, etc. are made of epoxy resin. The largest items, like tables, or furniture, are not made at home. The process is extremely complex. Secondly, extensive air circulation and a specific temperature control will be needed as well as the tools for carpentry are required.

Here, you can begin creating your own jewelry in your home. Transparent resin lets you add special additives and dyes that result in amazing objects. Making resin requires certain capabilities, so if would like to learn more about this field make sure you take the necessary training.

soap making

Bath bombs and soaps made by hand are in fashion despite fierce competition from manufacturers and crafters. Pouring soap bases into molds isn’t enough. You must determine how you can stand out from other soap makers. However, finding the appropriate forms and other ingredients to make handmade soap isn’t a problem as there are already shops that offer everything you require to make soap.

There are a variety of ingredients to consider: soap base along with essential oils, dyes, gommage component such as scrubbing ingredients and dried flowers, as well as herbs scales, pipettes, spatulas, containers for water baths and so on. Handmade soap is usually purchased as a gift, therefore it is crucial to consider the style of the packaging and labels .

Initial investment Starting at 5 000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 1 month.

Leather products

The mass-market clothing doesn’t allow you to make a statement in the crowd and to make unique style, original accessories are utilized specifically composed of leather. Genuine leather is among the oldest of materials and there are variety of products of it.

Start with the smallest accessories such as wallets, bracelets belts, eyeglass cases, belts cosmetic bags and document covers small bags keys, luggage tags, key rings. Unique design, top-quality raw materials and precise craftsmanship each and every part are crucial. However, after gaining the trust of clients It is now possible to make a variety of products which are paired with one another.

Food preparation at home

In reality the production of food at home has been growing for some time well, but there’s one issue. If you are talking about catering, something that companies or individuals are involved in, there are strict hygiene and sanitary demands that are extremely difficult to manage at home.

In general, this is the case since the same cake that contain cream or a fish dish could become the cause of massive poisoning for the consumers. However, if a self-employed individual cooks at home, in a formal sense, he doesn’t have to comply with the rules of SanPin, at a minimum not at present. However it doesn’t mean you aren’t required to adhere to the hygiene rules and processing food. Also, it is recommended to select food items or dishes for your home-based business that aren’t perishable.

Other issues arise when selling goods in retail stores, as this is a requirement for documents that a regular citizen would not be able to provide. In this regard, the most important distribution channels are the markets and customers who are already confident of high-quality goods.

Fruit chips production

They are fresh variation of dried fruits that are popular among people who live a healthy lifestyle, kids and adolescents. There is not much competition. The biggest challenge in production is having to determine the ideal temperature for every fruit, or even the variety. It’s up to you to try this. The following equipment is needed: fruit cutting machines electronic dryers, cooking equipment as well as an filling machine. Net profit per kilogram of chips could be 500 rubles.

Initial investment: starting from 80 000 rubles. The repayment period starts at 2 months.

Spice Packaging

Spices enhance and enhance the flavor of every dish There always are people at the spice stands. Most popular are the original collections of spices that are suitable for various cuisines around the globe. To create such mixes you must be familiar with every spice, and being able to subtly sense various combinations. If you do not have the skills to make this field, you can request the creation of recipes from food tech experts.

When the mix in accordance with a particular recipe is made and packaged, it needs to be stored. The options are numerous containers made of plastic and glass as well as paper bags or boxes. The kind of packaging you choose is crucial For instance, the gift or theme series is a good choice. Also, you can put recipes that use these spices on your packaging.

To begin, you could make your own packaging, but the efficiency will be lower. In all instances, you will require precise scales, mixing containers kitchen equipment, and authentic labels for spices and cooking salt. The packaging machine is able to be purchased in the future after it is evident that the company is growing.

Productions of Hlivesev and Kozinakov.

The health-conscious eating trend has made snacks like cereal bars, goats, and bread extremely popular. The key here is the right recipes. Mini-productions require only a few tools. We will require scales and choppers, blender molds, kitchen utensils, molds as well an electronic dryer. Also, it is essential to solving the issue of packaging since such items are packaged in small quantities of 50 to 100 grams.

Gingerbread production

Beautifully created gingerbread cookies, whether glazed or printed, are the perfect gift for any occasion. There are many holidays in 2022. Naturally, as with any confectionery item, gingerbread should be tasty, which is why it is important to test a few recipes.

The look of the gingerbread is equally significant, and the fantasies is endless. Gingerbread cookies are made by hand, colored with a specific printer and 3D models are constructed for instance, with the shape of houses.

The amount you pay for investment will depend on the range of dough and gingerbread recipes. For instance, a tiny wooden mold costs around 500 rubles. A made-to-order rolling pin is priced from 1,000 rubles. If you print with gingerbread then you’ll need minimum 20,000 rubles, plus consumables to print on an edible printer. The natural ingredients like nuts, honey, and dried fruits can are expensive.

However, keep in mind that plain and boring gingerbread won’t be sought-after, as they’ve been around for years and are made at a large scale. To attract clients, you’ll have to experiment, which includes investing in financial resources.

The initial investment starts at 20.000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.

Chocolate hand-crafted by hand

The business is the classic. In Europe they’ve been in operation for many centuries. Family recipes that are branded for sweets and chocolates are passed down through generations, and there are chocolate maker schools. In Russia this area is not well-known and there is no spot on the market.

There are numerous ideas in this unique flavour combinations that aren’t found in the mass-produced sweets market and a different type of chocolate, as an example as tools or packaging that isn’t standard.

Chocolate mass can be purchased out of the box or created completely from scratch. Ingredients must be of high-quality to justify the price of the final product. It is not necessary to invest in any special equipment or else you can make use of the kitchen appliances, dishes and the inventory you already have in your kitchen. Make sure you look over the labels and packaging, as handmade chocolates and sweets are typically purchased for gifts.

Initial investment: starting from 15,000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.

Personal Services

In contrast to home production, Personal service business concepts require minimal to none cost. Of course, if are not planning to research this type of venture, however, you already have the skills.

Personal services are generally is not random person. Even if the person performing the service is not a person with a particular degree, then they’ve already experience and a keen passion for the field. For instance, if terrified of dogs and don’t know how to manage dogs, it may not be a good idea to provide dog walking services.

It is possible to say that, among all options for home business there are some services that are most closely linked to the character of the person who is providing them. Therefore, it does not make sense to suggest these kinds of services to all people in the same row.


The standard diets that everyone follows are no longer relevant to everyone, a unique method of eating is in high demand. To participate in this endeavor you must be familiar with the characteristics of the products, their combinations that contain BJU contraindicationsand metabolic characteristics.

The most convenient way to begin the business is to people who have completed the knowledge of a physician or culinary technologist. An experience that has been successful in losing weight or staying in the best physical condition is also important. You should also enroll in specialized classes in nutrition and dietetics. Of course you should be aware at a minimum the fundamentals of psychology as well as communication skills. A single development of a chosen diet isn’t enough. The patient requires a long-term support and monitoring of his health So, these services are typically sold as packages.

Initial investment: starting from 1,000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 1 month.

Online courses

Online Schools and courses are undergoing rapid growth that is also helped by the challenging economic and epidemiological situation across the globe. You can study everything, and in various types of formats, including multi-day courses or individual webinars. Master classes, brief educational modules, and checklists.

Online education is a hot topic and competition has meant that it’s not enough to just shoot basic videos and develop classes “on the knee”. The majority of modern schools and courses run on specific educational platforms that offer a wide range of functions. People prefer a format that provides feedback and support to provide fully-fledged education, which means you cannot simply create a course and then sell it on autopilot. It’s difficult to manage the business on your own, but it’s not hard to find an experienced assistant.

It is essential to properly evaluate the quality of your instructional material and then set a fair cost for it. In the early days in the days when online schools were rare and you were able to ask for lots of dollars for information that was not particularly useful or was available through open source. The trend was even given its name from the word informationgypsyism. However, this is no longer the case people critically examine the quality of the courses and schools , and then agree to pay only for top-quality and original materials.

The initial investment starts at 20000 rubles. The payback period is 3 months.


There is a huge field of activities, as not just students, but also schoolchildren are tutors’ clients. It is a highly competitive market however, as with all other areas the best professionals, especially those who use their own unique techniques, can expect an excellent rate to provide their expertise. There are numerous online websites where you can select a tutor for any subject. Fortunately that the Internet doesn’t restrict them to a specific city.

There are virtually no direct expenses for arranging these services, besides communication and purchasing of aids to teaching. However, only those with the right professional qualifications and experience is able to take on this job. This means that you’ll need to first spend a considerable amount of time and money into your training.

Initial investment: starting from 1,000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.

Walking with animals

It’s perhaps one of the most basic tasks that teens can offer. Of course, as long as they are passionate about animals and are able to deal with them. While doing this the walker is accountable for the cat or dog and must ensure their safety and take the pet out only on a leash. return at a reasonable time, and should they need to, feet and feed them following the exercise.

Initial investment: starting from 1,000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.

Stock photos and videos

Millions of sites require videos and photos daily. Because the content is unique there’s always a demand. However, it’s not necessary to be a special educator to be able to sell the most basic images.

Videos and photos are uploaded on stock sites that specialize in stock or exchanges. For buyers, pictures can be quite costly, however, the majority of revenue is earned by the website. The creator is paid a specific amount for every download of their work. The more well-known the work is and the more money you make.

To sign up on stock sites, you will need to pass an test. The quality of the frames as well as the commercial worth of the photo, and the keywords that the search is conducted are assessed. If a photograph or video that includes people is published and they consent, their permission to this should be documented.

This type of business isn’t suitable for all. You must be able to master the camera, possessing abilities to shoot, and, the most important thing is to constantly come up with new ideas, like on the road or in your own work.

Initial investment: starting from 1,000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 3 months.

Personal coach

For many years, it was thought that the assistance of a personal trainer could only be obtained via direct communication to the customer. However, the outbreak of coronavirus has demonstrated that training can be done online, if coaches watch the exercises on video.

No matter where the class is conducted the instructor must know the anatomy of the body, as well as the characteristics of exercises as well as be able determine the ideal weight for the individual.

A set of characteristics is also required as clients employ an instructor, not only to motivate and control when they don’t desire to be trained. It is crucial to know who you’re working with and what method of communication would be suitable. Also the appearance of the coach must indicate that he is able to put his expertise into practice.

Initial investment: starting from 1,000 rubles. Repaying the loan in 1 month.

Kindergarten at home

A fully-fledged, affluent kindergarten at home is not possible to create However, a childcare center could be a possibility. However it is essential that a private kindergarten be distinct from a family-run kindergarten. This type of school is only able to be run by a large group of people if it is home to at the very least one child who is who is in preschool. The garden of the family is not an enterprise, but it is funded from budget funds, and teachers (they are parents of the family of a large number) get paid.

The childcare team can be fully-timed or for many hours. If the children are cared for by a caregiver for less than four hours, they don’t have to offer sleep or hot meals. Actually this is only the arrangement of the children’s time. If your group is working all daylong, you’ll be required to plan not only areas for games and growth as well as beds to sleep in as well as food.

In general, it is an extremely difficult business that is why it is important to take into consideration the needs of children, parents as well as the organizers. Additionally, hygiene and hygiene standards must be adhered to.

Financial Consultant

The knowledge of our people about finances is still a lot to be desired, however the interest in this field is always growing. This is due to the instability of the economy, the sharp fluctuation in exchange rates, and special incentives to investors in the form of tax credits.

It is simpler to comprehend the subject with the assistance of a professional. Alternatively, you can be an expert on your own. The company is suitable for those who have an economic, legal , or other special education in addition to their own knowledge of investments that have been successful.


A coach is an individual who is able to guide the client towards achieving an individual goal. Coaching can be classified into areas of goals like for instance, finances, business and relationships, life sales, and healthful life style. It can be one-on-one or group.

The coach should have his own personal success in various areas, a wealth of experiences, be familiar with and use the techniques of psychologists, trainers and teachers and be respectful of confidentiality. In the same way the quality of a coach’s expertise is assessed not by the achievements of his own however, it is based on the performance of his clients. That is why it’s so crucial to get good reviews.

Coaching services are usually purchased in packages. If you have the ability to lead clients to success and earn money, you could make lots. The clients themselves will seek the best coach, however, to reach them, you need to follow your own challenging and lengthy journey.

Personal Stylist

Personal stylists get employed not just by showbiz celebrities and the top management but also by regular people who feel it’s essential to look great in the real world and in social media. Although the basic principles of fashion and dressing can be learned by yourself, however, a well-trained style from the side is always preferred.

A personal stylist is able to offer suggestions on how to style your hair and makeup however, he doesn’t make the decisions by himself. The majority of the time, their primary product is personalized shopping assistance. After getting to know the client, after learning his profession, interests and interests, his preferences, color and other features of appearance The stylist will need to collect various images known as appearances. The usual line of images includes romantic, business, and sports pictures, all in three or two sets. Services are paid for in a variety of ways. For each trip to the shop in the form of part of the purchase price by way of subscriptions.

Initial investment starting at 5 000 rubles. The payback period starts at 1 month.


We looked at ways to make money that can be carried out at home and with a minimal amount of investment. If one of these ideas interests you, search for more information on it. There is available out there in the open domain. It’s also worth getting further training because there are numerous practical aspects when it comes to implementing ideas for home-based businesses.