What do you need to know about the National Electronic Identity Card (CNIe)?

Available for a few days now, the national electronic identity card (CNIe) has just been generalized throughout France. Of course, this change comes with a number of explanations.

The presence of an electronic chip

The National Electronic Identity Card (CNIe) is a new document that allows French citizens to certify their identity in France since 2 August 2021. It is also a title that allows you to travel to other countries. The CNIe is coming replace the old national ID card, but it is not really necessary to anticipate. Indeed, the old card remains valid until the end of its validity date and even after that, in the context of certain administrative procedures. When the last one expires, the extension takes place automatically in electronic form. For people who want to do this extension, it is possible to make a pre-application on the website of the National Agency for Secured Documents (ANTS).

With a brand new design, the CNIe comes in a size identical to that of a credit card. Another peculiarity must nevertheless be emphasized: the presence of an electronic component, as is the case with passports. It is about a chip that integrates the information visible on the card, such as data on the civil status and address of the citizen. The information about the card is also present, ie the number, the date of issue and the period of validity.

electronic identity card
Credits: Ministry of the Interior

Fewer cases of identity theft

With regard to obligations, the Legal and Administrative Information Department recalled in March 2021 that the identity card is an optional regime. There is, however, a fairly long procedure for an identity check by the police. In addition, some procedures require the presentation of official proof of identity, such as passing an exam or a competition, registering with Pôle Emploi and on the electoral lists, but also when voting for elections. Proof of identity is also required when traveling abroad, or to carry out certain banking transactions. In addition, you should know that after 2031 the old identity card will no longer be valid for travel to other European countries. There is an alternative available: the passport.

The arrival of the CNIe is authorized by Decree No. 2021-279 of March 13, 2021. This document also modifies some provisions, such as the obligation to take fingerprints for persons of 13 years and older. According to the government, these biometrics reduce the risk of fraud and strengthen the identification and authentication of people. In 2019, the authorities identified: as many as 33,000 crimes kind of identity theft.