With an application you can test the water resistance of your smartphone!

With the summer, it is clear that the risks of falling into the water are increasing for smartphones. If it’s best to stay vigilant, it’s also very useful to know if your smartphone is waterproof or not. Today, a mobile application makes it possible to perform a leak test on the connections of the device.

Test the device seals

The sealing of smartphones, myth or reality? Some companies do not hesitate to make it their job, such as Sony who went so far as to create a temporary underwater store in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2015. The target ? Prove the impeccable waterproofing of its range of Xperia smartphones, a clearly very original communication movement. In the same year, the young start-up Comet unveiled a floating smartphone capable of taking pictures underwater. But how do you know if your smartphone is really waterproof?

The Water Resistance Tester app is available on the Google Play Store and lives up to its name. The latter is just meant to test the water resistance of a smartphone. According to the developer, new phones with IP67 and especially IP68 certifications have great resistance to water and dust. On the other hand, a simple shock can potentially: overcome this resistance. For example, the application offers to test the seals that, originally, of course comply with the certifications.

waterproof test application:
Credits: YouTube recording / Ray W

The app uses the built-in barometer

The process is very simple. After downloading the application, follow the instructions. The program will then ask the user to touch the screen at a certain point to start the test. The application in question seems to be fairly well reviewed and seems interesting. It must be said that the latter is able – with the help of the integrated barometer – to take into account the pressure applied to the screen from the phone. The results of the test thus make it possible to know whether the seals are still properly closed or whether it is necessary to replace them.

Natural, water resistance tester is not a solution in itself but ensures that in the event of an incident the device is water resistant. However, it is wisest not to expose your smartphone, although in the summer a second of inattention is enough to see your property sink to the bottom of a swimming pool.

If such an incident occurs, there are some tips attempt a rescue. This includes removing the battery and drying it, as well as other removable parts. Then place the device in an airtight bag of rice (or silica gel) and let it rest between 48 and 72 hours.